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I flew too close to the sun

We were young and innocent then...

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Location:Valencia, Valencia, Spain

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I'm Shiru, a twenty-something Spanish girl who likes many, many things *points to the Interests section* Feel free to add me to your Circle, to delete me (no hard feelings!), or to leave me random comments even if we're not DW friends.

I'm a Pisces, born in the day of Pi and the year of the Tiger. Lazy, sensitive and introverted, I like to think I've become more open-minded with the years. My hobbies are reading, webdeveloping, doodling and laughing with my friends and family, among other random things. Also, I passionately hate firecrackers and bananas.

I write random stuff because writing is a form of therapy.

My old livejournal account is [ profile] shirubya

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