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Hi. Gotta keep record of my life or someting.

I think I'll post in English only from now on. I might create another blog in Spanish somewhere else for oher kinds of content, I don't know.

BUT, as I said, a couple of things have happened in the past months:

  • After that fucking short summer job I'd rather forget, I got another job. I was a helpdesk technician again. Some of my friends got the job too, a lot of people was being hired. It was a temporary project but no one knew how long it was going to last. So I kept looking for something better, and I found it. I started a stable job in May and I like them and they like me and I can't believe that. Also, I got the job 'cause I speaks Teh Engleesh and I am jack of all trades master o none. I can't believe that, as well.

  • Some of my friends are still woking in the temp position. Which sucks, but it's still better than nothing, though. I hope they find something better too.

  • I started living in mah own shack in August (ALL THE YAYS!). A lot of cleaning has to be done periodically.

  • The cat is alive.

  • The cat is very much alive and he loves me.

  • I can't believe that, as well.

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Hey, life, why u so busy...
This week is being crazy and I'm so burned out.

I wanna sleep.


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